Custom Metal Plating

Clear Cadmium Plating for Machine Screws and Machine Assemblies

The carbon steel UNS G10180 machine screws shown in the picture required additional corrosion resistance as they were used for military applications. The fasteners used in machine assemblies were plated with a Type I, Class three cadmium plating. The plating conformed to AMS-QQ-P-416 standards for electrodepositing cadmium, had a plating thickness range of 0.0002″ to 0.0005,” and clear metal finish. We ensured that the plating thicknesses complied with the lower end of the fastener’s dimensional tolerances, and certifications requested by the Arizona-based customer were also provided with the parts.



Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cadmium Plating, Type I, Class 3

Material Thickness Applied

from 0.0002″ – 0.0005″

Base Material

Carbon Steel UNS G10180

Material Finish


Secondary Operations Applied

Double Alkaline and Acid Clean, Visual and Thickness Inspection

Industry for Use

Machine Assembly


105 pieces

Total Product Weight

1 lbs

Delivery Time

14 days

Delivery Location


Standards Met

AMS-QQ-P-416 Plating, Cadmium (Electrodeposited)

Special Instructions

Plate to the low end of the tolerance, certifications required

Product Name

Machine Screws

Project Description

Clear cadmium plating of machine screws for use in a large assembly. The plating will provide corrosion resistance for the screws.