Custom Metal Plating

Cadmium Plating of Fastener Inserts

A¬†customer in this case wanted us to cadmium plate 6,000 stainless steel fastener inserts for an urgent military requirement. The screw thread inserts weighed 35 pounds, and were cadmium plated to SAE standards. Before electrodepositing the cadmium, all inserts were cleaned with a double alkaline and acid solution. Plated inserts were finished with an olive drab chromate finish, in line with customer request. The customer specifically requested us to carry out inspections for oil as well as scaling, which we did in addition to visual and thickness inspections. Despite being a rush job, we ensured consistent plating thickness of 0.0001″ on all fastener inserts and shipped them back to the customer’s location in Nevada with all certifications.


Capabilities Applied/Processes Cadmium Plating, Type II, Class 3
Material Thickness Applied Cadmium Plate 0.0001″
Base Material 304 Stainless Steel
Material Finish Olive Drab Chromate
Secondary Operations Applied Double alkaline and acid clean, Visual and Thickness Inspection
Industry for Use Military
Volume 6000 pieces
Total Product Weight 35 lbs
Delivery Time ? Days
Delivery Location Nevada (NV)
Standards Met AMS-QQ-P-416B Plating, Cadmium (Electrodeposited)
Special Instructions Certifications required with shipment, check for oil and scale on part, needed turn around ASAP
Product Name Fastener Screw Thread Inserts
Project Description This was a rush job to cadmium plate threaded fastener inserts for the military. These products were finished with olive drab chromate.