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Nickel Plating Fasteners for Aerospace

nickel-plating-toolsEighteen thousand pieces of these threaded fasteners were nickel plated to SAE standards for one of our large aerospace customers in California. Made from 4037 alloy steel, the fasteners were cleaned with double alkaline and acid solutions prior to the electrodepositing of nickel coatings. The normal, 3-hour post bake operation to improve adhesion was completed by us within an hour. Caution was exercised at all stages to ensure that threads did not get damaged during the plating process. Customer-provided gauges were included in the plated fasteners, which were supplied to the customer within 14 days of receipt of order.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Nickel Plating Gr. G, Type IV
Material Thickness Applied Nickel Plate 0.0002-0.0004″‘
Base Material 4037 Alloy Steel
Material Finish Nickel
Secondary Operations Applied Double Alkaline and Acid Clean, 3-hour post bake within 1 hour, Visual and Thickness Inspection
Industry for Use Aerospace
Volume 18000 pieces
Total Product Weight 750 lbs
Delivery Time 14 days
Delivery Location Los Angeles, CA
Standards Met (SAE) AMS-QQ-N-290A Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited)
Special Instructions Handle parts with care, do not damage threads, gauges included, return with parts
Product Name Threaded Fasteners
Project Description We nickel plated these threaded fasteners for use in a large aerospace project.