Custom Metal Plating

Environmental Preservation

Having been in the plating business in California since 1954 we have seen environmental changes over the years. David Rumph, our father and founder, was always ahead of the regulators, experimenting with new equipment to treat, filter and recycle the hazardous material created in the plating industry. Ten years ago we devised a way to eliminate discharging into the sewer by recycling our water. It is challenging but the results have been worth the effort. We have continued to find ways to reduce our water consumption which is beneficial to the effeciency of our recycling procedure. In addition to this progress we are happy to say that our waste is 100% recycled. In the last few years we have been able to provide new trivalent chromate coatings for our Zinc plating which are environmentally friendly. There has been a great need for this in our country and as well in Europe with the mandated R.O.H.S. program.

We are committed to a continued effort to seek out ways to preserve the environment.