Custom Metal Plating

Chrome Plating Studio Equipment

The pins shown in the picture were used in a production studio in Los Angeles and needed a bright finish for better visibility. Chrome plating performed on these carbon steel pins adhered to AMS-QQ-C-320B standards for electrodepositing chromium. The pins were visually inspected for precision coating thicknesses of 0.0001” prior to the delivery. Clear, bright finishes were achieved as the pins were cleaned with double alkaline plus acid solution, for the removal of dust and rust, prior to the plating. Around one hundred pins that weighed about 1 lb were delivered to the customer’s studio within 3 days.


Capabilities Applied/Processes Chrome Plating, Type I, Class 1
Material Thickness Applied 0.0001”
Base Material Carbon Steel 12L14
Material Finish Bright Chrome Finish
Secondary Operations Applied Double Alkaline and Acid Clean, Visual and Thickness Inspection
Industry for Use Studio Equipment
Volume 97 pieces
Total Product Weight 1 lb
Delivery Time 3 days
Delivery Location Los Angeles, CA
Standards Met AMS-QQ-C-320B Chromium Plating (Electrodeposited)
Product Name Pins
Project Description This project required the chrome plating of pins for a production studio. The pins required a bright finish to increase their visibility.