Custom Metal Plating

About Van Nuys Plating, Inc.

David Rumph, with his wife Lydia by his side, had a desire and dream to start his own plating business back in the early 50’s when he landed his first job in California at a fireplace equipment mfg. co. They plated in house and so he had on the job training to begin to learn this trade. From then on, David began taking night classes, learning all the skills needed to set up, open and run a plating shop. Van Nuys Plating, Inc. incorporated in 1954. My mother and father were a beautiful team.

Customer service and satisfaction were always a priority. He was a forerunner in waste treatment & minimizing. He could see the writing on the walls for California’s environmental concerns and began purchasing and experimenting with equipment prior to being mandated. Their integrity and work ethic were exemplary.

David was always thinking of ways to improve the business Lydia was thinking about getting invoices out, money in, payroll met and bills paid. Having 3 children, 2 boys and a girl, they were raised in the business. They took over the business with the heart of their mother and father. Maintaining a quality product and keeping up with the environmental changes as well as the governmental is what they strive for each day. Customers over the years love to tell stories of the level of commitment and love for the business they saw with David & Lydia.

Speaking first hand as the daughter I can testify to the love and appreciation we have for our customers and how would not be here today without them. We thank God for this business and our parents. Giving us the opportunity to make a living and serve our customers in this way has been a blessing. Lord willing, we plan on being here years to come.